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The Institute for Learning in Retirement is an educational member organization planned and operated by and for individuals 55 years of age and older. There are over 300 such college-sponsored institutes and centers in the U. S. and we are one of the largest in Virginia. Sposored by Old Dominion University, our ILR began in 1993 with 15 interested members and it now has well over 700 active members.


Learn more about ILR and the benefits of membership by reading About ILR. 


If you are a member, For Members provides links to content frequently read by our members. Members interested in taking an active role in program planning should read Volunteering.


If you think you might be able to present a program to our members, For Presenters guides you through the process of pitching and presenting a program.

ILR events are open to members having a reservation

ILR offers all programs a la carte. Members register for individual programs during the registration period. Once registrations close, individual programs may have a small number of places available for late registration.

Seating is limited at all ILR programs and attendance requires a paid reservation. Please contact the office to confirm availability of the program and add your reservation.

Are we open?

ILR is normally open from 9:30 AM  to 3:30 on days when ODU is open.

ILR follows ODU holidays and weather closings.

Phone: 757 368-4160

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March 7, 2016
Revision History
7 March 2016: Original
December 14, 2015
Schedule Changes
11 January: Female Characters in Greek Mythology is cancelled.
24 February: Jewlrey in Art field trip is canceled.
September 17, 2015
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Spring 2016 newsletter mailed to members in March 2016.
This file contains the complete set of class, social event, and trip schedule descriptions, reminders, and registration forms. 
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