Parking and Locating the Classroom

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Parking at the Virginia Beach Higher Education Center

All lots are "DECAL CONTROLLED."   Parking regulations are being more strictly enforced.  Anyone, even ILR members, must have a current parking pass.

Parking passes are issued to ILR members when they register for classes and are updated as needed. Please pay attention to the expiration date on your parking pass, Passes are issued in 6-month blocks (ODU policy) and need to be renewed at the end of that period.  If you have an expired pass, or nearly expired, simply call our office (368-4160) or stop by, and a new pass will be issued.  

Members, with passes, can park anywhere on campus lots, EXCEPT in metered, reserved, faculty and other prohibited parking areas.

The new blue passes should be hung from your car's rear-view mirror or be placed on the driver's side of the dashboard.

If you have an old gold "Extended Parking Permit" and the end date is still valid, you can use it until it expires.  Then you will need to get a new pass.

Locating the Classroom

When you arrive in the Virginia Beach Higher Education Center, check the VideoGizmo (42" plasma screen) in the Lobby for classroom assignment. 

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