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Office Hours:

The office is located in Room 125, Virginia Beach Higher Education Center, 1881 University Drive. Normal hours are 9:30 a.m. to 3:00p.m. Monday through Thursday.  Other hours by appointment.

Address ALL MAIL to:

1881 University Dr
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

The phone number is 757-368-4160. Voice mail is available when office is closed.

The e-mail is: admin@oduilr.com
Web site: http://www.oduilr.com

This is a volunteer run organization. We have only one paid employee and she cannot do all the work that the ILR requires.  We rely on, and we can always use more, volunteers. If you have ideas that can lead to an improved ILR,  volunteer that information and yourself to the ILR office and we will contact one of our committees or the Board to followup.


Beginning with the 2006 summer registration, a random selection process used to admit members to classes and activities. On random selection day all registrations received in the office will be drawn randomly and processed.  Any registrations received after random selection day will be processed in the order received. If membership/registration forms are incomplete, the member will be notified by phone and the form(s) set aside and left unprocessed until the needed information, amount, etc. is received.

The processing of incomplete forms is a time consuming and burdensome job.   Please assist us by making sure your membership and registration forms are accurate and complete.  This includes including the "tear-off" informaiton strips for activities.

Members always have priority to attend any of our functions. Guests are welcome if there is space available. Call the office to check. The applicable fee will be paid.

Checks for Classes

ONE check should be written to cover ALL the classes in which you enroll.

Class refunds: Checks for classes are deposited promptly with the ODU Finance Office. Cash receipts may be made if cancellation is received at least four days prior the class meeting date and anytime before the activity registration deadline. If you are on a registration waiting list, refunds are issued up to the date of class or activity if the cancelling member's slot can be filled by another ember.  If your refund is not received in ten days, please notify the ILS office (757-368-4160).

Beginning September 1, 2006, a $5.00 processing fee will be assessed for each member-cancelled class, trip, or social event. This fee will apply only to cancellations initiated by members. If a class is cancelled, a full refund will be returned. Ot if a member deos not get a class or activity due to over enrollment, a full refund will be returned.

Checks for Social and Activity Events

A separate check should be to be written for EACH social occasion or activity event that is not a class. Event refunds: If you cancel before the announced deadline, or up to seven days before the event, or if the event is canceled, permission will be made to shred your check. Social and event checks are deposited in the ILR account on the day of the event to cover the event expenses.


A nametag is issued to all members. We request that you wear it to all class meetings and special events. It is useful for meeting new friends. You may choose to add another card (in back) indicating any health information in the event of an emergency.

Inclement Weather:

Check the local TV stations. Whenever Virginia Beach Public Schools are closed, ILR is closed. No one will be in the office.

Let us remember that members of ILR are a family. Many of us are alone in our homes. If you know of a member who is ill, or has had an accident, or needs a cheery card or phone call, please let the rest of the family know by calling the office. We will be sure to get in touch with that person so they are aware they are not alone.


Frequently pictures are taken in classes and at events.  But we recognize that some of you wish to preserve your privacy and we try to honor that.  If you prefer to not have your picture taken, displayed in our scrapbook, or printed in our newsletter, please notify the photographer when you notice the picture is being taken.

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