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Web Sites for Retirees


The following web sites can provide help with health, finances, and hobbies.  They were identified by US News and World Report (June 3, 2002, p. 74).


The topics at the AARP site cover the waterfront, For example: using a PC, touring Norman Rockwell’s Vermont, or pestering politicians for drug insurance. 
You can apply for Social Security or estimate your future check. Among the answers to common questions -- yes, your ex may be able to collect based on your account. You can connect to a special site for Medicare.
Road Scholar, the new name of Elderhostel, the not-for-profit leader in educational travel since 1975, offers more than 7,000 educational tours in all 50 states and 150 countries. Alongside local and renowned experts, experience in-depth and behind-the-scenes learning opportunities, from cultural tours and study cruises to walking, biking and more.

This interactive site helps eligible elders find programs to assist with finances, housing, and other needs.
Links to health information from government and other sources. Among the subjects: air pollution, hearing loss, and medical quackery. You can search for a doctor or details on a specific ailment.
Calculators help you run the numbers before deciding to refinance a mortgage, set up a savings plan, or move to a new city with a different cost of living.

spare time to good use with a database of local projects needing help. Among recent efforts: driving kids to camp and assisting with home fix ups.

Nearly 2.4 million grand­parents are raising grand­children. This support site includes guidance on legal rights and government aid.

American Society on Aging's Web site.

National Organizations Focusing on Aging and Aging Issues
A partial list of organization who focus on aging and aging issues.

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