2018 Summer Mailing

The summer registration mailing went to the post office on Friday May 25 and should arrive soon. Those not receiving a registration can retrieve the mailing from our Current Schedule page.

Returning members are invited to renew their memberships and register for summer classes online. Instructions appear on the home page.


Online Registration Launches on June 11

On June 11 ODUILR begins offering online membership renewal and registration with credit card payment to its members. Links on our home page sequence returning members through the process of activating their online account, renewing their memberships, and registering for the summer quarter’s classes. In the future ODUILR will offer online new memberships and online registration for social events and trips.

First Friday Walk has a new home

Beginning in May, First Friday (Dog) Walk has a new home, Bayville Farms Park in Virginia Beach. This venue has a number of advantages relative to Shore Drive venue.

  • It’s a city park with a city park’s parking lot.
  • It’s nearer to most of our members
  • It has benches!, rest rooms, and water fountains!
  • It has that most important parks amenity in the South, shade!
  • There are waste bins!
  • It is near the Shore Drive Taste where adult beverages, sandwiches, and gelato may be enjoyed.
  • It has an off-lead dog area available subject to city’s rules

The park has a number of public lawn areas with paths but it also has a nice live oak grove, possibly the largest in the area. A disk golf venue is under the live oaks and the area is relatively free of trip hazards making it a nice place to walk and visit with friends.

As before, we meet at 10:00 AM and set out around 10:10 AM. Meet at the tennis courts. There is a car park at the courts and also benches.

In addition to offering mild exercise, the gathering is an opportunity to visit with fellow ILR members and to meet a greyhound or three. After walk, Taste, where we can share a snack with friends, is just a few minutes away. Taste has a shaded outdoor eating area that is dog friendly. Order inside and eat outside with your pups. Visit the farm market for fresh vegetables in season.

2018 Spring Program Mailing

ILR mailed the 2018 spring quarter program mailing on March 2, 2018. Members are beginning to receive their mailing. The mailing contained the following documents.

New members joining ILR during March, April, and May continue to pay the $15 membership fee. Beginning in June, the membership fee increases to $20 to cover ODU parking pass issue and the membership management software we lease yearly. Membership forms will be updated in early April.

Assistant Webmaster Wanted

The assistant webmaster maintains the club website’s WordPress content management system and domain registration. This role works with the following service providers

  • Our domain registrar
  • Our domain name service provider
  • Our hosting company’s revision control system
  • WordPress plugin management
  • Google Analytics results reviews
  • Website broken link checks

This role requires system integration skills but little to no development skill beyond understanding basic distributed revision management system workflow. Most interactions occur in our hosting service site dashboard. No knowledge of WordPress development is needed.

First Friday Leisurely Walk Returns

Spring is here and with luck, the nor’easter of the week is a thing of the past and we will be able to have our monthly ILR ramble in April, May, and June. Members and their dogs enjoy a leisurely walk in the coldest of Virginia Beach neighborhoods.

The Story By the Sea neighborhood is on the south side of Shore Drive east of Great Neck Road. The neighborhood features a mix of original cottages and modern homes, quiet streets, a linear park, tidal creeks, and pleasant neighbors. We meet in the car park behind the Food Lion and amble out at 10:15 to give everybody a chance to park and chat a bit. The pace is leisurely and much of the neighborhood is sheltered from wind and sun.